At Torquay dentist we provide an extensive range of dental treatment along with our friendly and good-natured approach. We try to make you as comfortable as possible and there is much more banter and laughter here than in your average dental practice!


Please see below for our comprehensive care.

Regular Dental Care

Regular dental care is the goal of many of our patients. We love to see you every 6-12 months for a check-up and clean which along with regular x-rays this is the best way to allow us to pick up problems whilst they are small and easy to fix.

Options for anxious patients

We have found over the years that often an anxious patient just needs a kind and patient dentist, and your anxiety may naturally reduce as you get to know us and our slightly silly sense of humour. However for the extremely anxious patient or for procedures that may feel too tricky we do have the ability to treat people under general anaesthetic in St Stephens hospital. Iona can also use hypnosis to reduce anxiety or with other more specific problems.

Specialist referrals

At Torquay dentists we provide an extensive range of dental treatment, all of the normal things you would expect a dentist to do. However we also know our limitations and from time to time we may advise you to seek treatment with a specialist. We will do our best to recommend specialists who are well trained and who we would go to were we in your situation. Most but not all specialities are available locally and we are happy to guide you on where you can go.

Community involvement

The staff at Torquay dentist are all proud residents of Hervey Bay. We are happy to be involved in the community in any way we can. We are happy to arrange visits to Kindy or to older residents who cannot attend the surgery when needed. We use local or Queensland laboratories for the majority of our dentures, crowns and other lab made appliances.

Planned Dental Care

All aspects of general dentistry are carried out at Torquay dentists. Preventive services like fissure sealants and fluoride treatments, fillings, extractions, dentures, crowns, root fillings. All the things you would expect a general dentist to do.

Both Berry and Iona like to give you options, we accept that different people have different goals and interests for their teeth as well as different finances available to them. We will always discuss what the options are for your planned dental care as well as guiding you towards what is the most common sense option for your particular situation. Whilst we accept that dentistry is expensive we aim to be as cautious with your money as we would be with our own.

Any planned dental care will come with a treatment plan, outlining what will be done on each visit, the codes attached to that visit and the overall cost. Patients in any health fund will be able to claim their rebate on each code directly upon payment through the hi-caps system.
Many health funds offer a preferred provider scheme, this is a scheme where the health fund had teamed up with certain providers to negotiate preferred fees and benefits for patients in that fund. Often at a preferred provider you will have little or no gap. We are not a preferred provider for any funds at this time, however you will still be able to claim the standard rebate at our practice.

Emergency Dental Care

Regular dental care is not for everyone and sometimes even regular patients can have a dental emergency. At Torquay dentist we are happy to see you when you feel you need to see us.

Whether it be a broken tooth, toothache or problem with your denture we have some time set aside every day for the unexpected trip to the dentist.


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